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Giorgia Cannici

I am an architect with a decade of experience in international names such as Zaha Hadid Architects, Foster + Partners and UNStudio. I am also a graduate student in biology and in biomedical engineering.

I believe the revolution occurring in bio- and nano-technology to be of seminal importance to the future of architecture.

Building construction is one of society’s most polluting industries, accounting for a tremendous of global greenhouse gas emissions. A lot is to be gained in this industry through more efficiently performing materials and with less wasteful production processes.

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

Visiting Researcher | Harvard University - Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering

Boston I US I 2017 - 2018

Advisor: Neel Joshi. Area of investigation: Living Cellular Devices. Biofilm engineering, protein based materials, biomineralization in hydrogels.


Artist in residence | Autodesk BUILD Space

Boston I US I 2017 - Present

Founder and Director | MATERIA llc

Boston I US I 2017 - Present


Senior Architect, Karim Rashid

New York | US | 2014/01 - 2014/06

Lead Interior Architect, UNStudio
Amsterdam | NL | 2011/02 - 2011/11
SUTD – Singapore University of Technology and Design, SG: 213,000 sqm public development of education facilities. Phases: SD (completed 2011) and DD (completed 2012).


Architect | Foster+Partners
London, UK | 2010/01 – 2010/05

Extell Tower at 425 Park Ave, New York, US: 390 m tall, 128,000 sqm private development of residential, hotel and office facilities. Competition, 1st place awarded in October 2012, construction due to start in 2015.

Mixed-use Development, Mumbai, IN.


Project Architect | Urban Future Organization
London, UK | 2008/04 – 2011/01
Key Projects:
World Expo 2010 Swedish Pavilion, Shanghai, CN: 3,000 sqm private competition for cultural and commercial space for the world Expo. Project - 2nd place competition award.


Project architect, Sybarite Architects Ltd
London, UK | 2008/05 - 2009/10
US: Marni Las Vegas, Marni Miami, Marni New York Mercer Street, Marni New York Saks Fifth Avenue, Alberta Feretti Los Angeles
Europe | World: Marni St Moritz (CH), Marni London Harvey Nichols (UK), Stefanel New Concept (worldwide)


Architect | Zaha Hadid Architects
London, UK | 2007/04 – 2008/05
London Olympics 2012 Aquatics Centre, UK: 37,000 sqm public development of the swimming pool for the London 2012 Olympic summer games. Phases: RIBA Stages D and E (DD and Tender).


Architect | Foster + Partners

London, UK | 2006/04 – 2007/04
The Walbrook, London, UK:  40,000 sqm private development of office and retail space. RIBA Stages D and E (DD and Tender).

Unibail Tower Competition, Paris, FR.

Rhone Alps Competition, FR.


Architectural Assistant | Plan-och Bygnadkunst AB

Lund, Sweden | 2005/11 – 2006/04

Architectural Intern | Casnati Associati

Milan, Italy | 2004/03 – 2004/07


Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering 

Tufts University,  US |2018- 2021

Master of Liberal Arts in Biology

Harvard University, Faculty of Art and Science (FAS),  US | 2014-2018 


Post Professional Master

Center for Architecture Science and Ecology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US | 2012/09 – 2013/06 

Thesis: Building Envelope Active Membrane - Reactive nanostructure system for water purification combining an enzymatic membrane and carbon nanotubes

Master of Science in Architecture | Laurea in Architettura
Facoltà di Architettura, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, IT | 1998/09-2005/07


Professional qualifications
2007    Registered with the UK Architects Registration Board (ARB)
2006    Registered with the Italian Association of Architects (Ordine degli Architett  Italiani)

Academic experience​

2018-22      Invited critic, Graduate studio School of Design - Harvard University

2018-22      Invited critic, Graduate studio School of Design - Virginia Tech

2018-22      Invited critic, Graduate studio School of Design - Cornell University

2015-02      Invited critic, Graduate studio School of Design - University of Pennsylvania
2009-05      Invited critic, 4th and 5th year diploma studio end of term review, Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, UK
2009-03      Invited critic, 4th and 5th year diploma studio midterm review, Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, UK
2008-11      Invited critic, 4th and 5th year diploma studio midterm review, Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, UK
2008-06      Invited critic, MA Architecture Digital Design, London Metropolitan University School of Architecture and Spatial Design, London, UK
2008-05      Invited critic, 4th year diploma studio, Royal Institute of Technology School of Architecture, Stockholm, Sweden
2000-03      Tutor, Laboratorio di Architettura II with Prof. G. Rizzi, Politecnico di Milano Facolta’ di Architettura, IT


Casa dell'Architettura/Acquario Romano , “UFO Update". Rome, IT 2010
London Metropolitan University / Cass School of Art , “15 UFO:s”. London, UK 2010
Design Museum London, Zaha Hadid Architecture and Design. London, UK 29 June- 25 November 2007
Olivetti Foundation, ”Protocole Troll”. With AWP/Institut pour le ville en movement. Rome, IT 2004

Awards and Fellowships:
Graduate Studies Award, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2012
Best of the year 2012 Beauty / Spa / Fitness Winner: Zaha Hadid Architects – London Aquatics Centre, Interior Design Magazine 2012
Structural Steel Design Awards Commendation: Foster+Partners – The Walbrook, British Constructional Steelwork Association 2012
Erasmus Scholarship, European Union 2002-2003


Selected Publications

Zaha Hadid: Recent Projects, 2010, (Japan: Global Architecture, 2010).
Zaha Hadid; Introduction by Aaron Betsky, Zaha Hadid: Complete Works (UK/USA: Rizzoli International Publications/ Thames & Hudson, 2009)
Philip Jodidio, Zaha Hadid: Complete Works, 1979-2009 (USA: TASCHEN America Llc; 2009)
Urban Future Organization, Urban Future Organization Monograph (London: UFO, 2010)
Global Interior Design Annual (China: Guangxi University Press, 2012)
Anna Qu, Aimee Wu (ed.), “Stefanel Frankfurt Press and Marni Las Vegas” in Feature Commercial Space, (Hong Kong: Phoenix, 2012)
Ben She, “Marni Las Vegas” in Welcome - Global Top Shop Display Design (Guangzhou: Send Points, 2011)
R. Klanten, K. Bolhöfer, “Marin Las Vegas / Marni Mercer Street” in Out of the Box! Brand Experiences between Pop-Up and Flagship (Berlin: Gestalten, 2011)
J. Gaodi, ”Marni Boutique” in Boutique in Fashion (Tianjin: Ifeng Space, 2011)
“Marni Madison Ave / Marni Mercer Street” in Global: Trendy Commercial Architecture (Wuhan: Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press, 2010)
Marcus S. Braun, “Employing a language of lightness and transparency” in Shop! Best of Store Design (Salenstein: Braun, 2009)

“Marni Las Vegas”, Interior Beaute, Vol 248 (2012)
“UNStudio’s Revolutionary Step Forward, A green University Campus in Singapore”, Touch Décor, 22 (2011)
“Creative enterprise school - SUTD campus of learning & motivation”, B1 – Be One Magazine, 40 (2011)
“Marni Las Vegas”, Commercial Space Design, 52 (2011)
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“Lighting: Small Spaces”, Architectural Record, 9 (2009)
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“Laws of Attraction”, Interior Design, 4 (2009)







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